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Last modified: 2021-05-27 
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12/1 Good Data-logger Practices Basics ("GDP-B") is a SCORM compatible competency refreshment course will be released soon. GDP-B is an important adjunct for optimal use of data-loggers. Look for the on-line version in January, 2005 at http://cactus.opulus.com/

11/30 PyroCAD ("PCD") software is in the final phase of market release. PCD is a Computer Aided Design & Simulation program for the determination of Critical Control Points for temperature distribution mapping of closed environments, such as storage facilities, incubation chambers, stability rooms, refrigeration compartments, and temperature gradient for temperature calibration devices. PyroCAD can be integrated with PyroButton-SQL for best compliance practices and best ROI practices.

11/29 PyroButton-SQL ("PB-SQL") software is in the final phase of market release. PB-SQL shall introduce a new concept in TQM of sensor/data-logger monitoring. It will include validation & verification of sterilization processes, temperature/humidity of regulated storage facilities, transportation, stability chambers, and container/closure moisture permeability studies.

11/11 Opulus Ltd., and DANA Scientific have signed an agreement for the representation of Opulus products by DANA in the areas of Eastern-Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, D.C., Maryland, Metropolitan New York, and Florida. Mr. Bela Jancsik, Managing Director of Opulus and Mr. Dennis Guralnick, President of DANA agree that the arrangement provides significant potential for both companies.

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