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Last modified: 2018-01-18 
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PyroButton calibrators

PyroButton line of calibrators have been designed with computer integrated modeling and simulation for optimum performance, reduced gradient, high throughput,
and full automation for unattended operation.

PBC-TH18 is a combined temperature/humidity calibration & calibration verification system. It can execute in parallel the calibration and/or calibration & verification,
or the verification of 18 x PyroButtons.

Key Features

  • 18 x PyroButtons
  • Temperature range 10 to +70C
  • Humidity range 3.4 %RH to 97.3 %RH
  • Temperature resolution 0.05C
  • Thermal stability 0.05C
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Can be integrated to PyroButton software for fully automatic correction

PyroButton-TQM/PBC-TH18 represents a new generation of GMP, 21CFR Part 11 & ISO 17025 compliant high performance calibration system,
which combines both temperature and humidity calibration within a single unit.


Product code Description
Price (USD)
100-ICE-021-100 PyroButton TQM with PBC-TH18
A 21 CFR Part 11 ISO 17025 compliant system.Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32/64bits) compatible.

(1) Calibration Operating System with Total Quality Management
(2) MS SQL 2005 Express (i.e., network version available)
(3) PyroButton Calibration & Verification Life Cycle Management
(4) PBC-TH18 calibrators Calibration & Life Cycle Management
(5) Automatic generation of Calibration Certificates
(6) Integration of multiple Opulus calibrators & calibrator types
(7) CAPA & OOS Management
(8) Integrated Compliance Management
(9) Integrated Material Management

Combined Temperature/Humidity
Calibrator System for simultaneous calibration of 18 PyroButtons (3.4 %RH ... 97.3 %RH & 10°C to 70°C).
Can be integrated to PyroButton softwares for fully automatic correction. (see, Application)

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