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Last modified: 2024-04-29 
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About Us

Opulus and its predecessor company were founded over 20 years ago.
Five tenets were premised to assure success in our mission:

  • Success through customer satisfaction
  • The delivery of quality and excellence in all things
  • Maintain a premium return on knowledge resources
  • Develop & integrate technology for leadership
  • Develop employees to their fullest potential

Our vision to develop turnkey solutions was based on:

  • Development of multipurpose quality management tools
  • Development of modular quality application products
  • Integration of tools & applications into custom made solution products
  • Making easy-to-use practical solutions on a timely basis
  • Provision of cutting edge technology for our users

Our line of sensor/data-logger & calibration products provide Total Quality Management for various applications, including:

  • Self-powered & standard sensors/data-loggers from -40 °C to 150 °C
  • SMS & e-mail communication of emergency events
  • Computer Aided Simulations for Critical Control Point mapping & risk management
  • Validation & Verification models for sterilization, environmental monitoring, & stability
  • Water permeability measurements for container/closures
  • Totally integrated system for enterprise wide environmental management
  • Rapid ROI

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