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Last modified: 2021-01-22 
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iButton vs. PyroButton

Data storage in "general purpose memory" iButton PyroButton
21 CFR Part 11 compliant requirement no yes
Suitability for FDA regulated industries (pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, etc). no yes
  Integrity protection
Data-logger type & ID - yes
Manufacturer - yes
Calibrated by - yes
Calibration date - yes
Date of next calibration - yes
Certificate of Calibration ID - yes
Calibration SOP ID - yes
Temperature and/or humidity calibration correction table(s) - yes
Uncertainty of temperature calibration determination - yes
Measurement ID no yes
Vendor no yes
Owner no yes
Comment no yes
Data-acquisition programmer no yes
Software serial number used for programming no yes
Measurement data (start, sampling rate, limits etc.) no yes
Attrition data no yes

General features iButton PyroButton
Software support Basic communication software PyroButton-B
Accuracy (temperature and humidity) Manufacturer specification Improved by high resolution calibration
Humidity data smoothing (noise reduction) no yes
Measurement uncertainty calculation no yes
The data-logger is calibrated at 5 temperature points (prior to shipment) no yes
The data-logger is calibrated at 3 humidity points (prior to shipment) yes Improved
Temperature and humidity calibrations are verified and Certificate of Calibrations are provided for each data-logger with each shipment no yes
Automatic calibration corrections no yes
Calibration management (tracking, documentation, correction employment) no yes
Performance Qualification of calibrations is tracked during the life-time of each data-logger no yes
Data-logger attrition/lifetime prediction no yes
Data-acquisition simulation supports optimization strategy for the battery life span no yes

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