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Last modified: 2022-06-10 
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Temperature/Humidity Tracking of Transportation


Environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity play critical roles in the quality of the food we consume, the efficacy of the medications we take, or the safety of the confectionery we eat. Every phase of the supply chain from raw material storage, to processing, to holding, to distribution, and in between logistics is evenly important to ensure the quality, purity, and strength of the finished products.

Temperature and/or Temperature/Humidity chain of control during the delivery life cycle of products ensures their quality, purity, and strength. Transportation logistic management relative to pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and food products requires that storage conditions of temperature and/or temperature/humidity are controlled to ensure product quality, purity, and strength. In assessing the significance of adverse conditions during transportation, such as elevated temperature and/or humidity all circumstances should be evaluated, including:

  • Extent of excursions,
  • Duration of excursions,
  • Container/closure system used, and
  • Protective insulation effect of packaging.

Opulus provides various levels of solution products based on PyroButton Self-powered data-loggers, communication systems, and integrated software to meet the requirement for Temperature and/or Temperature/Humidity Mapping of compartments, Validation of the Storage Conditions, Temperature & Humidity Tracking of Products, Permeability Studies of Containers/Closures, Challenge Studies of Containers/Closures, Maintenance, Qualification & Re-Qualification of transportation logistics relative to Temperature/Humidity requirements.


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