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Last modified: 2022-06-10 
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Technical Support

PyroButton SQL installation
PyroButton SQL getting started

PyroButton SQL installation


How powerful of a computer do I need to run the PyroButton-SQL program?

Minimum requirements:
- Pentium compatible 500 MHz
- 64 MB RAM (128 MB is recommended)
- CD drive for installation
- Mouse
- 800x600 display resolution, High Color (1024x768 resolution is recommended)
- 100 MB free hard disk space
- Windows 2000 or XP operating system

The recommended minimal hardware platform is Pentium II 400 or equivalent with 128 MB of RAM (256 MB for Windows XP), and a monitor resolution of 1024 x 768.

PyroButton-SQL requires a minimum of 100 MB of hard disk space to install and run. As data are accumulated over number of years and thousands of data-loggers' data are stored, the database may grow to several gigabytes.


Do I need significant background to install the program?

No. The intelligent wizard guides you through the PyroButton-SQL installation step-by-step. Please note: To Install PyroButton-SQL under Windows XP or 2000, one needs to be logged in with Administrator-privileges.


How can I install the PyroButton-SQL program?

The PyroButton-SQL install program will start automatically when the install CD is loaded. Install can also be started manually by launching ‘Install.exe’ from the root folder of the install CD. The install wizard will guide you through the PyroButton-SQL installation.


What are the prerequisites of the program installation?

Installation pre-requisites:
- MS Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 (or above)
- MS SQL Server 7.0 / MSDE 1.0 with SP4, or MS SQL Server 2000 / MSDE 2.0 with SP3
- EQU 2.0 ActiveX Standard 2.00.18

(The above components are available on the Install CD)


How do I know that the prerequisites are available?

The installation program detects the lack of the necessary components, gives a warning message and installs the pre-requisites! (The necessary components are on the OPULUS PyroButton-SQL install CD.)


What are the components of the installation program?

- Prerequisites installation
- PyroButton-SQL software installation
- Power & Communication Unit installation
- PyroButton data-logger license installation


Do I need any special resource for the installation?

No, it is not necessary, but we recommend the reading of the installation manual included in the package; keep it ready in case of need during the installation process.


Standard or Custom installation?

After the welcome screen, or selecting a destination SQL Server, you are given the option of a Standard or a Custom installation of the PyroButton SQL package.

The ‘Standard Install’ option is recommended for normal use.

‘Standard Installation’ will install the PyroButton SQL application into default folder and location, on the hard drive of the target computer. Both the ‘Working’ and ‘Learning’ databases will be created.

The ‘Custom Installation’ option will prompt you for specific information during the installation process. Both the ‘Working’ and ‘Learning’ databases will be installed.


How can I protect my database?

The database is a data structure on the hard disk. All the system setup information administrative data, and all of the saved measurement records are stored in the database. There are 'Working' and 'Learning' databases. During the installation the install program will prompt for security information. Please follow the instruction on the screen and fill in the necessary fields. After completion of the installation process your databases will be protected.


During the installation the 'Check User' window appeared. Why?

You must have administrative privileges on the target computer to install the program.
If you are an administrator click OK button.
If you are not administrator, stop the installation and login as an administrator.


Is the installation executable if the PyroButton adapter is attached to the computer?

No. If you have a 1-Wire USB device plugged in, you must unplug it for the driver to be updated before continuing the installation process.

During the driver installation the program will ask you to plug in the 1-Wire USB adapter.


What is meant by 'PyroButton license installation'?

BLF is the license file generated by Opulus for each PyroButton as part of the PyroButton registration requirement. BLF contains Critical Control Parameters (CCP) to ensure the reliable and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant operation of each PyroButton data-logger. The integrity of BLF files is protected from unapproved access. CCP data stored in BLF include:

- type of PyroButton,
- name of the manufacturer,
- date of calibration,
- date of next scheduled calibration, and
- the correction factors.

PyroButton data-loggers can only be used with PyroButton software, provided PyroButton license files (BLF) are successfully installed.


How can I install these license files?

PyroButton licences included in the pakage will be installed automatically during the software installation.
If you have a separate ‘Opulus PyroButton License CD’, then insert it into the CD drive. The License install will start automatically. Install can also be started manually by launching ‘Install.exe’ from the root folder of the install CD.
The license installer will copy the licenses in the installation folder of PyroButton-SQL. The new PyroButtons will be registered when you start PyroButton-SQL.
Note: Prior to installation of PyroButton license from a separate CD, PyroButton-SQL software has to be installed on your computer.

PyroButton SQL getting started


How can I start the PyroButton-SQL program?

Start the program by double click the PyroButton-SQL icon on the desktop or by click Start > Programs > OPULUS > PyroButton SQL > PyroButton SQL submenu to launch the program.


What is the difference between 'Learning' and 'Working' database?

The 'Learning' database is designed to help you learn how best to use PyroButton SQL. Using the 'Learning' database will allow simulated experiments to be performed using the full functionality of PyroButton SQL, but without the need for an adapter and data-logger.
The 'Working' database is for real measurements.

It is important to remember that the 'Learning' database is for demonstration and practice of the PyroButton applications only. It cannot be used for actual temperature and/or humidity measurements. For normal use, the 'Working' database must be selected.

PyroButton SQL will normally install two databases, however it can be configured to use several. Users are given the choice, when PyroButton SQL program starts, of using either the 'Learning' or the 'Working' database.


Does the learning mode shorten the lifetime of PyroButton?



How can I login?

1. Launch the program; if more than one database has been installed, a database choice window will appear in which you should select the database you want to connect to. Click on OK after selection. The user login screen appears.

NOTE: If a database security code is specified during installation of the database, then after selecting the database, a dialog will appear in which you must enter the database security code.

2. Select the user, then enter the password that have been set during the installation process, and click the OK button. The registration screen may appear if the product has not been registered. Note: After installation for the 'Learning database' the Initial System Administrator's password is: 123456.

3. Click the Close button to continue (or register the product if it is not yet registered).

4. If any of the data-loggers' is not registered, then a message will list the unregistered data-logger(s).


How can I change my password?

At login, depending on the system security settings, a user may have to change their password in the 'Change Password' window. The password rules listed at the bottom of the window should be considered for the new password.

From the program you can also reach this function. Click 21 CFR Part 11 manager --> Change Password submenu.


After the program starts the 'PyroButton-SQL registration' window appears. Why?

If your program is not registered or it is expired, then the 'PyroButton SQL registration' window appears immediately after entering the program.

- If you already have received the product key, then you can apply it by click the Apply Product Key button.
- To receive the registration key, click on the start registration button and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you have applied correctly the product key, then you can already use the PyroButton program. If you do not have a product key or have not applied it correctly, then you cannot use the program. A warning message will appear and the PyroButton program will shut down.


What should I do with the product key?

Opulus will reply upon receipt of your registration request by sending a file with a .pcf extension attached to the e-mail.

1. Save this file to your hard disk and start the registration application.
2. Click on the Apply Product Key button.
3. A dialog window will appear. Enter the path of the file you have saved into the edit box or click on the Browse button to find the file.
4. Click on the Apply button.
5. Restart the application and your application is registered.


How to complete the 'Opulus registration-Step 1.' form?

Fill in the registration form according to the requirement; the fields marked with a red star are required to be completed.


How can I forward the registration form to Opulus?

In the OPULUS Registration - Step 2 window you are informed how to send the completed registartion to Opulus.

- If there is an accessible e-mail system and Internet connection, then click on Click here to e-mail the registration information now link to send the registration request information as an e-mail. Ignore steps 2 to 4.
- Alternatively, use Notepad to print your registration and fax it to Opulus. Click on Click here to open the registration with Windows Notepad link.
- The Notepad application will open, containing the registration request data.
- Print and fax the registration request to Opulus. If you are in the Americas, Australia, and Asia, then use fax number 1-763-374-7752. In Europe, Africa and Middle-East use fax number +36 62 551 769. Alternatively, save your registration as a file and attach it in an e-mail to Opulus: registration@opulus.com.


How can set up the adapter?

The purpose of setting up the adapter is to configure the 1-Wire the connection between the PC and the data-logger sensor(s).

Click Set Up Adapter on the Main Operations screen to launch this function.

WARNING! In Working mode one must make certain that the adapter is connected to the computer before executing this function.

The Adapter Configuration screen enables the user to select a suitable adapter type and communication port for the data-logger(s).

NOTE: if the license or calibration installer received with the Loggers was correctly executed before, then it is not necessary to use this function.

1. On the start screen click the Set Up the Adapter button.
2. Click the Automatic Selection button.
3. Click the OK button to save the settings.

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