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Last modified: 2021-01-22 
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Temperature and Humidity Calibrators for PyroButtons & iButtons

PBC line of calibrators have been designed for high performance and high throughput calibrations of PyroButtons & iButtons. Detailed Design Qualification experiments were conducted to ensure that the calibrators' stability and temperature or humidity uniformity are well within the required specifications. Two different models will help ensure that the PyroButton & iButton users are meeting calibrations requirements as needed.

Key modules of the integrated PBC temperature calibration system:

  • PBC-PB graphical software
  • PyroGrip device holder for PyroButton & iButton parallel calibration of 20 data-loggers
  • PBC-TB constant temperature bath having the following characteristics:
    • Multiple thermoelectric (Peltier) temperature regulation
    • Temperature resolution 0.002
    • Temperature accuracy < ±0.05 °C
    • Temperature gradient < ±0.02 °C
    • Thermal stability < ±0.02 °C

Key modules of the integrated PBC humidity calibration system:

  • PyroHum sophisticated graphics driven software
  • PBC-Hum humidity chamber having the following characteristics:
    • Thermoelectric (Peltier) control
    • Humidity range 0 to 100 RH%
    • Humidity resolution 0.2 RH%
    • Humidity accuracy 0.2 RH%
    • Humidity stability 0.5 RH%

Each calibration record contains:

  • Certificate of Calibration ID
  • Calibration Reference ID
  • Dates of calibration with QC/QA approval
  • Calibration SOP
  • Results of calibration relative to specification, including
    • Temperature or humidity accuracy relative to reference standard
    • Correlation coefficient of piece-wise linear calibration curves
    • Standard deviation
    • Steady state analysis
  • Statistical evaluation, including uncertainty of measurement data
  • Next date of scheduled calibration
Key Benefits to the User
  • Fully automatic calibration process of the data-loggers significantly reduces direct operational tasks & manual labor
  • High Throughput Calibration for 20 parallel calibration of the data-loggers significantly improves efficiency & reliability
  • High Performance Calibration maximizes accuracy & reliability
  • Direct integration with PyroButton line of products further enhances quality and effectiveness
  • Improved Compliance Management
  • On-line competency training of the calibration process
  • OOS, OOT, & CAPA investigations support
  • Highest Return-On-Investment

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